Friday, November 15

This can be a sports automotive that’s conjointly a kei-car

It’s Barbie Supra! Except a drop-top, and front-wheel drive, and for Japan solely.

What if we tend to told you that in a very faraway place, Toyota’s sport skunkworks GR has simply launched a brand new open-top light-weight sports car? A back-to basics fun machine. A roadster with a manual casing, sports suspension, a turbocharger and Recaro seats. which it solely value $22,480, or concerning £17,500.

You’d wish one, right? North American country too. However this can be no story. this can be real. this can be the Copen GR Sport, sold-out as a Toyota, however still created by Daihatsu. It’s for Japan solely.

That’s not the sole, catch, actually. The diminutive folding hard-top Copen is front-wheel drive, unlike, say a GT86 or above. But then, understeer shouldn’t be a problem, since the front tyres ar solely being asked to handle 63bhp and 68lb foot, from a teeny-weeny 660cc turbo three-cylinder engine. Yep, this can be a sports automotive that’s conjointly a kei-car. And if that concept tickles your pickle, you must examine the rattling Honda S660 on the opposite finish of those blue words.