Friday, November 15

Pretty abundant this is often a Ford Focus ST

Is this a game of ‘when’s a hot hatch not a hot hatch’?

Pretty abundant this is often a Ford Focus ST. However it’s not a hatch for a begin, it’s the estate.

It’s additionally the diesel ST. And no there’s no ‘STD’ badge, therefore stop yer sniggering. In fact, there’s completely no visual clues to separate the fuel and diesel ST wagons, each get twin tailpipes, identical bodykits, and therefore the same 19-inch rims with red brake calipers grabbing the enlarged discs. You get numerous area, and numerous kit, justifying the £30k sticker worth.

Not till you peer within and spot the rev counter redlines at ‘5’ – or hear it chunter away – area unit you created aware this ST runs on lorry fuel.

So it’s AN oil-burning wagon? Ought to be badged as a TAXI, not an ST…